ds+p helps Mucho Burrito unveil its adventurous-ish side

For Immediate Release 

June 27, 2016 (Toronto) – Mucho Burrito has launched a new integrated brand campaign positioning the brand as delivering just the right amount of adventure.

You know the feeling: same routine day in and day out. For most of us, it can feel like we’re living the same day over and over. So we look for those little moments of adventure – something different that adds a little excitement to the day.

Mucho Burrito conducted consumer groups and discovered that people are looking to add some adventure into their day, but how they define adventure was intriguing. “Our target seeks adventure, but generally it’s on the safer side and they’re okay with that,” said Norm Pickering Director of Marketing for Mucho Burrito North America, “They like exploring fresh and exciting food experiences, but often default to the familiar and sometimes they need a nudge.”

The ad, developed by ds+p, takes place in a bullfighting ring and builds to a dramatic showdown with a matador and – what turns out to be – a miniature donkey. The campaign line, “Feeling adventurous–ish?” then segues into some imagery of Mucho Burritos fresh and delicious ingredients.

“We developed a campaign around the idea of “Feeling Adventurous-ish?” to let consumers know that Mucho Burrito is a reliable and tasty oasis in a desert of burgers and sandwiches.” said Brian Murray, Creative Director at ds+p. “We wanted the look and feel of the spot to reflect the authenticity and premium quality that people can expect at Mucho Burrito.”

The campaign beginning on June 20, includes both :30 and :15 second TV spots, digital ads and OOH.

Creative was developed by ds+p, and Cairns O’Neil worked on the media buy.

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